IndonesianFull-stack Developer


Graduated from Computer Engineering.
Now, experienced Full-Stack Developer and System Analyst

Field of Interest Academic Works
Full-Stack Developer, Linkedin
Born April 10, 1993 (age 26)
Graduated June 27, 2013 (at 20 years old)
Computer Engineering
- GPA : 3.25
- Bandung Institute of Technology
Residence Depok, West Java Experienced in Odoo, React, Apache Spark, CodeIgniter, Flutter, Angular2, Ionic, Nodejs, Electron, Go, Vue, CSS3, D3.js Database Postgresql, MongoDB, NeDB, SQLite, Neo4j
Worked mostly on Odoo within the past 6 years
Academic Highlights
B.S. in Computer Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)
VLSI System
Image Processing
Embedded Systems
Fuzzy Logic
Intelligent Street Lighting
Mobile App
Parallel Programming

VLSI System Design

Sometimes there are necessity to handle such complex algorithm in Custom Single-Purpose Processor. To compete in LSI Design Contest in Okinawa, I was required to implement Noise Cancellation Algorithm in FPGA so it filters unexpected audio signals in real-time. Teamed up with my two brilliant colleague, we worked hard within 5 months from end of 2012 to March 2013

As the gap performance between full-software implementation and full-FPGA implementation is massive, we decided to bring our hardware-software combination to succeed a 2nd Place in LSI Design Contest.

Worked mostly on Odoo in the past 5 years, also advanced in Flutter, and Vue.js